Monday, June 16, 2008


Lambchop has gone off to Poodle Rescue and I am so sad. Could she have been trained not to lunge at children? Should I have waited it out longer? But if she had bitten someone it would have been curtains. Of course there is no easy answer. It's just sad. And I miss her. I had grown accustomed to her following me every where I went, greeting me at the door, taking her for a walk.


I had not anticipated such a heavy heart and suspect it's tickled the scars of other losses, all the recent lettings go. And having a dog felt like home.

I tell myself there will be another dog some day, but not before Bets can be left alone in the house. Single parenting with a child who cannot be alone for 10 minutes while you walk the dog is too difficult and rescue dogs really just can't be trusted 100% with small children.

Meanwhile I distract myself of course, and today's topic are gun-owners who suddenly are all over the media saying they want to expose their guns, wear them so the whole world can see. Well I cannot be alone in my opinion that gun in this context (in almost all contexts) equals penis. Try this, below is a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe about exposed guns. Read and substitute the word penis for gun.

IT'S TIME for gun (penis) owners to come out of the closet ("In public, weapon owners no longer gun-shy," June 9). Many of us own guns (penises) to protect ourselves and those around us from criminals. Yet too many of us hide this fact by carrying handguns (penises) concealed. Open carry is a growing movement across the country among gun (penises) owners who choose to carry openly, both as a deterrent to crime and to educate people in their communities. In Manchester, N.H., most open-carry activists live in Ward 5, near where Officer Michael Briggs was killed in October 2006. These are people who, by carrying their firearms (penises) in plain sight, make the statement that they are willing to risk their lives to ensure that violent criminals will not kill a police officer or anyone else. People who choose to carry their firearms (penises) openly deserve our thanks, and those gun (penis) owners among us who still carry concealed, or do not carry, should consider carrying openly.

Still I'm sad.

Cross your fingers Lambchop has a future ahead full of love and good treatment. Cross your fingers gun (penis) toters will keep it in their pants.


erin said...

This bit about the guns/penises is hilarious. Btw, I wanted to say that *no* dog can really be trusted 100% around small children, rescue dog or not. Dogs and kids can get along great, but should *always* be supervised - both for the dog's safety and the child's. I used to be a trainer and there are excellent resources out there for working with dogs and kids. Its important to remember, though, that just because a dog comes from a breeder does not mean the dog will be better around children - in fact, many breeders don't socialize their dogs much at all. That lack of socialization has a huge impact on the dog's future behavior.

Most (reputable) shelters will only place kid-friendly, well-socialized dogs in homes with children. I'm sad that that's not what happened for you. I hope that you have better luck if/when you get a new dog.

jlloyd said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that this was your experience! So crazy and terrible! And nothing like a loss to bring up other losses

Are You My Mothers said...

thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

has this blog been abandoned??

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Anonymous said...

Where have you gone?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would like to know that, too. Where have you gone? Are you and your daughter alright? Maybe a short goodbye to your faithful readers?

Jess said...

Yeah, where'd you go? Is everything OK?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you went too. I miss reading this blog!