Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To Hell and Back For A Poodle

We have our dog and now I am mother to three creatures: child, kitty and a 12 1/2 pound mixed breed stray from Georgia with fleas and a gastrointestinal parasite. Our puppy's name is Lambchop and she came to New England via the freedom train, i.e., a farkakta van ride that lasted close to 30 hours.

Lambchop was supposed to be a fully vetted 2-year old Cockapoo who is sweeter than life. Well, she's the most important one out of three. She is most definitely one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. But she's got fleas and parasites and is 5 years old according to our vet.

Lambchop, let's call her Chop for short, is sadly confined to a crate in my dining room until she is flea-free. The last flea and its offspring should be kicking the bucket on Friday morning. We were going to have an uncrating celebration until we learned of the parasite which according to veterinary assistant "Margaret" is contagious to humans via poop and saliva. I almost shat a parasite right then and there.

I've got a 6 year old I said. The dog has kissed me on the face I said. She licks her self and then will want to sit on the sofa I said. When will this parasite be gone?

Two weeks.

I'm thinking of course I was nuts to adopt a rescue dog sight unseen except that she is the perfect dog. She is house-trained and crate-trained and loves people and could care less about the cat. What's two weeks in a crate in the dining room?

Betsy is a mess. She is so happy to have a dog and wants to hug her and hold her and put her in a baby carriage and tie ribbons in her fur, but she can't and mom is vacuuming like a lunatic and washing her hands like an obsessive compulsive and the dog is skin and bones and there is all this talk about bugs and pills. Bets just lay on the floor this evening and sobbed.

Of course she doesn't quite know why she is so upset. "I never get to see you," is what she said to me mostly because it gets the biggest reaction out of guilt-ridden me who is juggling work and dog and freelance writing and laundry and my little bottle of apple cider vinegar and water which I spray all over the furniture because apparently fleas don't like apple cider vinegar. Who knew?

And kindergarten is ending and that has Bets in a state. All we wanted was a dog to ride with us in the car for school drop-offs and pick-ups and to hug and to hold and instead we have - for the time being - pitiful Pearl.

I'm sure she will be perfect. I'm sure she and Betsy will love each other like nothing else. Soon. Soon. Until then we have 9 days of pills, two more days of flea quarantine, and two weeks of poop-panic to go. Oh and did I mention Lambchop only eats ground beef and rice, sauteed in Canola oil and sprinkled with kosher salt?

Thank goodness for those sweet brown eyes.

Oops, gotta run. I'm pretty sure I feel a parasite in my arse.


Sara said...

there are times to be ecologically sound and there are times you kill the bugs.

kill the bugs.

get the bombs, sister. flea bombs.

do you have any idea how hard it is to get rid of fleas?

Aurilee's Mom said...

Flea bombs with a child in the house? Give me a break.

Harlyn, I hope you have more sense. The Frontline will work. It will take longer to exterminate the fleas verses fumigating your house. It beats exposing your family to neurotoxins, carcinogens, reproductive toxins and more.

I guess one has to weigh the risk/benefit...

Ms. Moon said...

The fun has only begun.
Congratulations on the new family member.
And Frontline works down here in the deep South so it should work for you.

Are You My Mothers said...

No need to bomb, at least not yet. Lambchop has been pretty confined in the house - she frolics in the yard chasing birds. So...fingers crossed. I am toxin phobic so it would really take an infestation to cancer up the house. So far the only fleas are on Lambchop and she has been holed up in her nest, poor thing. Thanks all.

kingkong said...

Oh! I wanted to comment so badly, but I am laughing so hard I can't type.
I agree with the non-bombers!

Jess said...

Well congrats on the sweet puppy dog, and I am so so sorry. :) That's why I have an indoor cat, now.

Julien Sharp said...

Hi - any updates? How is the puppy doing??

Anonymous said...

Where did you go?