Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dog And The Blind Cat

I can't believe I missed my opportunity to blog on April Fool's Day, my absolute most favorite day of the year. I come from a long line of April Fools revelers. My grandmother used to call me every April Fools until she was 91 years old and say "There 's a bug on your head." That was just the beginning. My mother once feigned her own death. For five and a half years she pretended she was dead and then one April Fool's Day she came back and said "Got ya!"

April Fools.

Oops but I'm a day late.

Here's life in gay Boston: Bets has lost another tooth - this one in an apple at school without blood. It was all very exciting and then I forgot to put something under her pillow. Fortunately it was April Fools Day morning so I could call it a Tooth Fairy April Fool.

And crocuses are waving from the back yard while Bets and I have become regulars at the animal shelter. We visit a few times a week hoping to catch a new dog. Mostly the shelter is home to pit bulls and enormous barking bull dogs. I'm not sure who we're waiting for, but we're waiting. Meanwhile we hold kitties and pet bunnies. I think every visit has ended in tears ("Why can't we get a bunny? I want a kitty who sleeps on your lap not a kitty like ours. Let's get two dogs. All I want is a hamster."). Still we go. It seems the best way to land a canine companion.

Our current creature suffers from feline herpes which is as awful as it sounds only it's not contagious to people. She is however contagious to other cats so, given that she is three, we can't get another cat for, say, 17 years, which is hard to imagine not only because Bets really wants a lap cat, but because the herpes is causing Cookie to go blind. So that means 17 years with a blind kitty. And dare I say we let her out, because she loves to go out and otherwise would destroy our home. But when her vision is gone she will likely have to be kept indoors.

"Maybe Cookie's sickness will make her die soon," said Bets who loves Cookie as much as I do but shares my frustration.

Fortunately Cookie is not contagious to dogs and even likes dogs. So we will have a dog and a blind kitty. It sounds like a band. Dog and the blind cat.

The family band. Name the source of this quote and you win my eternal admiration: "It really came together when mom sang along."

This is Lucy's favorite quote of all time.

Because everything is so much better when mom sings along.


Anonymous said...

Love your post, of course, just feel compelled to clarify about the quote. There are favorite quotes and there are favorite tv quotes.
Lest readers get the wrong impression, please note that it is almost impossible to choose an absolute favorite tv quote when confronted with:
"All the things I'm missin',
Good vittles, love, and kissin',
Are waiting at the end of my ride"
"Hills, that is. Swimmin pools, movie stars."
"But Patty loves to rock and roll, a hot dog makes her lose control".
and the cited Partridge Family poetry.
Did I miss any?
It’s as hard as picking a puppy.

Sara said...

lucy speaks...

this is a moment.

but then there are favorite TV commerical lines like

Where's the Beef?

Time to make the donuts..

and lest we not forget-

Let's get mikey!

Ms. Moon said...

I could hardly read that post for looking at the picture which is worth far more than one thousand words.
I have to agree that Dog and The Blind Cat would make an excellent band name.

Aurilee's Mom said...

I think of you and your family every time I drive to Coffee Labs Coffee Roasters to buy my beans. They have a sign near the register that says, "Never underestimate the kindness of a cold, wet nose."

Sadly, as a result of the housing crisis you'll probably find a dog soon.

Kataline said...

Just so you know, you can have cats with Herpies around other cats, the others just have to vaccinated against it, and be kept current on all vaccines. ^^