Monday, March 17, 2008


Well this blogger slipped away for a week. Probably because blogging can be so incredibly tedious and some weeks or days well it's all just so boring: we raked leaves, we went swimming, we made dinner, we got new toothpaste, a bottle of water spilled on my cell phone.


This week is different and today is different, because today is Evacuation Day! Evacuation Day! is a day off for all state officials which as far as I can tell means Massachusetts has come up with a way to give everyone St. Patrick's Day off without saying they are making St. Patrick's Day a holiday. Sneaky Massachusetts.

As far as I'm concerned a state that has legalized gay marriage can certainly give people the day off to eat boiled corn beef and cabbage and drink green beer.

Evacuation Day! always happens to fall on the Monday after the St. Patrick's Day Parade - you know the parade that excludes gays from participating - so, in a way, today really should be called "Hangover Day." It's a good thing my family and I are not allowed to march or I'd be sporting quite a headache this morning.

This is the kind of blog that will cause my father to call and say, "You seem angry."

If there's anything that pisses me off more than being excluded from a St. Patrick's Day parade it's being told I sound angry.

In honor of Evacuation Day! Faith is taking Betsy to Build-A-Bear. Bets has the next two weeks off from school (the more you pay, the less they go). On Wednesday Faith and Bets are going to Chicago for two days which will be so sad and weird and nice and strange for me. My plan is to clean the house, paint the radiators, and finish my thoughts.

One of the thoughts I need to finish is why do so many lesbian moms break up. Why? I have a load of ideas, not all of them nice. Let's make that the topic of my next blog.

Coming up - sooner than a week, I promise - the lesbian divorce rate. And why lesbians seem to battle over custody more than straight couples do.

For now, I must Evacuate!


Anonymous said...

i'll take my pride parade over a bunch of drunks w/ green stained teeth any day!!

Sara said...

um... you sound angry...

my kids just asked at dinner tonight why we don't go to the St. Patrick's day parade.

We're irish! says my blue eyed, freckled, fair skinned completely irish looking middle son.

We are. And your moms are lesbians and we're not allowed to march.

I'll take my pride parade, too. better dancing music.

clouded grace said...

So funny...I've only been reading your blog a very short while - I didn't realize you were in Massachusetts (that sounds so very stalker-ish but its not). I'm all the way from SoCal but I'm actually up in New England (Boston today) for my Spring Break this week. I don't know why this is relevant...I just feel compelled to share with you that I am quite close in distance to you.
Anyhow, interesting post - I look forward to your next one; the topic intrigues me very much.

kingkong said...

You RAKED LEAVES????? You are very lucky to be living in Massachusetts where they celebrate Evacuation Day! I still have three feet of snow on my garden and can't imagine how I'll get the peas in the ground next month. I'm going to drown my sorrows with green beer (not really, it's a school night).

There's no St. Patrick's day parade here, gay or straight. Too cold, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Interesting questions about lesbian parent breakups. . . I am a non-bio mom who was successful after a horrible custody battle. In my situation, the split had a lot to do with jealousy, our daughter was more bonded to me. Power imbalances are problematic in any relationship, but can be a major issue if only one parent has a legal relationship with the child. For me litigation was the only option after my ex-partner tried to break off contact between me and our daughter. I was successful, but many woman aren't. The other type of horrible case is when the non-bio mom tries to take off and ignore the children whom she's parented.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'll be interested in the divorce story too. Meanwhile, I have news. You have been tagged. Read about it here:

Hope the link works! Robin

Luckygirl said...

I'm so new to blogging, but stumbled across yours. Your incredible in what you see and convey. I am in a situation with my partner where her ex is trying to take away her visitation. It is heartbreaking to see what other lesbians will do to other lesbians. We have spent so much money to maintain minimum standard visitation...I guess you can understand why I's a form of therapy for me. I'm interested to see what feedback you will recieve.